MilesWeb Reseller Hosting for Startups: India’s Best Web Hosting Provider

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miles web hosting
miles web hosting

Today being a competitive market, if you have a business it needs to have an online presence. The days are gone when only some kind of business like eCommerce or online shop requires websites; nowadays each business has required a website to build their online presence or marketing their products or services. As I said most of the businesses like a grocery store or some service-based business are known via the internet. It is because the customers will first search for your services on the web. So the conclusion is that a website is a must. The website helps to showcase your skills and abilities to take the attention of the visitors.


In this modern era, just listing your business in yellow pages will no longer work. Nowadays, people are continuously searching for new ways and websites to get each moment that happens in the world. So if you are not able to maintain your online presence then you may miss the chance to get the potential customer for your business.

But, all this is possible only if you select a good web host to support your website that would assure that your business is open and always available for your customers across the world, and grow your business. Plenty of the web hosting companies available in the market that offer 30-90 days money-back guarantee, it becomes essential and difficult to locate the web hosting company that would fulfill your web hosting requirements.

I have an experience of almost 5 years now and also tried several web hosting partners. Recently, I was searching for the best and most affordable web hosting providers. Then I came over India’s best and most reliable web hosting provider known as MilesWeb. Quality of services and 24/7 instant available support makes them unique from other available web hosting companies. Since this day, my expertise with this hosting company is very good and so I thought of reviewing them so that even you can reap the benefits of selecting them as your reseller hosting partner. 

Let us now dive deep into MilesWeb’s review and the features of reseller hosting offered by them.

Let’s Take A Look of MilesWeb 

MilesWeb provides the best, reliable, secure, and cost-effective web hosting services that satisfy the increasing requirement for growing online opportunities, MilesWeb has established in the year of 2012. Being headquartered in Nashik, Maharashtra, it has sailed a long way and today stands as one of the big names in the hosting industry.

If you want to do it for yourself, please visit the YouTube channel of MilesWeb:

I think we should take one step forward and take a look at their cheap reseller hosting services.

MilesWeb offers four types of reseller hosting plans as below:

  • cPanel Reseller Hosting starting at Rs.290/mo
  • Windows Reseller Hosting starting at Rs.290/mo
  • WHMCS Reseller Hosting starting at Rs. 990/mo
  • Windows Reseller with Free WHMCS Rs.990/mo 

But since I had selected their WHMCS reseller hosting plan, let’s check the plans and features of it.

Unlimited Linux Reseller Hosting Plans

cPanel Reseller Plans.png

Features of Unlimited Linux Reseller Hosting

Free Migration:

If you think to switch to MilesWeb’s servers, you just need to inform them of your timing for migration. Then they will migrate your website at the same time with all your website data safely on their servers. Believe me, they are experts in migration and so you can stay worry-free. Even though I was tense at first but when migration was done I got confident about them.

Free SSL Certificate:

 I was highly concerned about my website security and the data of my customers on my website. But since they installed a free SSL certificate on my website, it was a good sign that they care for their customers.

Free Domain Reseller:

They give their customers a chance to earn extra by selling domains. You get a free domain reseller account via which you can sell domains along with web hosting and earn more.

WHMCS License:

The billing tool, WHMCS has helped me a lot. Since I got the WHMCS tool for free, my client management became very easy along with billing and support solutions.

100% White Labeled:

 This feature allowed me to create my own brand and set up all things such as emails, control panels, and more with my own brand name. MilesWeb offers white-labeled reseller packages that can be labeled with your brand name. This helps you to act as a new web hosting provider as your customers won’t see their names anywhere.

Web Host Manager (WHM):

 It was easy to manage client accounts, unlimited websites, emails and so on with WHM. 

cPanel Control Panel:

You don’t need to handle your client’s account. They allow you to give the cPanel’s access to the clients so that they can manage their domains, websites and emails from an easy-to-use web-based interface. 

1-Click Installer:

I never thought that installing applications would be so easy. Softaculous saves my time for installing applications by doing it just in a single click. There are more than 400 applications that you can install.

100% SSD Storage:

Performance is the key factor for any website. SSDs enabled the pages of the website to load faster. Thanks to MilesWeb for offering such a good performance feature.

Datacenter Choice:

I was able to select the server location as per my target audience. This ensured faster website loading speed and boosted my business growth.

Free Website Builder:

I was able to create my website without anyone’s help with the free website builder tool. Also, the website created was mobile-responsive. I saved my pockets from burning to hire a web developer.

Email Service:

Managing multiple email accounts and addresses was made easy with this feature.

Malware Scan and Removal:

There wasn’t any fear of the website being affected by malware with this tool. So, my website always remained safe.

 Final Words

So, at last. As per my personal view, MilesWeb has appeared as the best and most reliable reseller hosting company that one can easily depend on their services. For the last 2 years, I didn’t see any defects or major disadvantages of their services and I am very happy with their services.

Furthermore, as we read the above experience, you get a complete idea about their support. After purchasing the hosting services from them, now you can easily concentrate on your business and marketing.

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