Get 1000 YouTube Views to Monetize With YouTube Partner Program

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The YouTube partner program is a blessing in disguise for creators who wish to monetize their content on YouTube with minimum efforts. There is an insane hype over the web for making money through YouTube.


Though many content creators are making money, very few of them can earn an overwhelming amount. We have put together a list of rules to follow to make money through the YouTube Partner Program.  

What exactly is the YouTube partner program?

Nowadays, everyone with an internet connection can upload content. However, to get 1000 YouTube views for free and make money out of it, you shall partner with the YouTube Program. Back in earlier times, it was possible to become a member just by receiving a personal invite from Google. However, today anyone whose account has good content can become a partner with the YouTube Program. YouTube has more than a million channels who have subscribed to the partner program. 

Steps to follow to become a partner and garner 1000 YouTube views

Sign-in using the Google account and look for account settings. Under the channel setting, opt for the monetization option and click on a blue button called ‘Enable my Account’. A pop-up window displaying the monetization agreement will appear on the screen. Accept the agreement, and you are good to go. 

Application Checklist for the partner program 

When you apply for the YPP, there is a standard review process to undergo to check if the guidelines and policies are met. Only channels passing the review process are accepted into the program. When YouTube channels are assessed for the program access, it is essential to have at least one thousand subscribers and four thousand public watch hours. This criterion is likely to get 1000 YouTube views for free in the partner program. 

YouTube partner earnings from Advertising revenue 

YouTube claims around 45% of the advertising revenue, although the charges vary. The location and the type of content generated also has a bearing in the potential earning. However, before this gets you very excited, remember that content creators are only paid if the views are monetized. Having 40,000 views doesn’t imply that all 40,000 of those views were monetized. 

Access to features in the Partner Program 

Along with making money and getting 1000 YouTube views for free, Partners in this program have free access to certain features such as deploying cards and end screens at the end of the videos. These end screens further link to associated websites, merchandise sites, and crowdfunding. The screens and cards, as compared to putting links, drastically enhances the chances of a subscriber clicking through them. Thus, this feature allows the content creator to strengthen and publish their brand with greater efficiency. 


Yes, it is now possible to make a living and get 1000 YouTube views for free by following the above-mentioned easy steps.  The harder and more creative you get with the content, the more likely you will be able to generate an income. So, decide for yourself if monetizing your content is worth the effort to put in. Becoming a partner makes sure that your future views are also accounted for, and even if it means getting a few dollars annually, it is still money that you have earned! 

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