What do all Need to Learn with Guidewire Claim Centre?

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Guidewire Claim Center is a Claims Management System to be used by the insurers worldwide. It helps resolve Claims faster and exceeds Customer Expectations. Guidewire Claim Center is used by the Claim Adjudicators as they serve end customers, policy holders. Guidewire Claim Center empowers P&C (Property and Casualty) insurers to meet the need of a rapidly changing industry. Adapting to all the new functionalities with effective claims management, agile feedback, innovation with Fraud Detections. Thus, It offer excellent experience to the end users.


Course Overview

Guidewire Claim Center is the customer claim fulfillment application and is the starting point for Customer trusts. When they get the risk covered by the Insurance Carrier. Thus, it requires a lot of features to support the end customer needs and answer their queries. In the Course we will be teaching all the basics of Claim Center application with some common customisation and some real-life business use cases. Claim has a dedicated Fraud Detection under which they work with the Special Investigation Details section. 

Efficient Claim Management System.

For insurers and the insurance carrier worldwide a Claims Management application is must to have. This will help them process the customer claims. And give them the benefits of taking the Policy from the same Insurer. Guidewire Claims application has a highly stable and mature application. Accordingly it supports various types of Claims ranging from Personal Auto to Commercial Auto, Home owners and many more.

Career Options

Since Claim Center is the support system for Insurance domain software. It requires maximum customisation, thus making it a really HOT product in the market. Where there’s always need for Developer, Configurators, Integrators and Functional Consultant from the Testing background. It attracts a lot of opportunities for Project Managers and Product Managers if they are implementing Guidewire for one of their Clients. Guidewire Claim Center offers the maximum number of Job Opportunities.

What all to learn to work on Guidewire Claim Centre?

Guidewire offers a ready-made solution in terms of Claim Center application which caters most of Policy Administrative System requirements. BUT Since all Customers or say Insurance companies will have their own specific ways to implement their business and which will be intuitive in nature. Guidewire being a software product offers a way to extend the existing functionalities and can do the changes per business requirements. 

In Training from Guidewire Online Training, we offers: –

  1. Complete hands on learning experience to existing functionality of Guidewire Claim Center application ref as OOTB (Out of The Box).
  2. Doing Claim Center Customizations in the base functionalities by changing the backend and frontend applications.
  3. Writing Data Model changes, Creating and Extending Entities of Claim Center application.
  4. Understanding existing UI Architecture of Policy Center, with Integration with Backend via GOSU Programming.
  5. Implementing UI Changes alongside Page, Screen, Detail View, List View changes.
  6. Adding custom Business Rules, writing Guidewire Claim Center Screen Modes.
  7. Will be teaching GOSU programming language, which is the core language to do any sort of customizations. Anyone can learn this programming language.
  8. Writing web services BOTH Inbound/Outbound to and from Guidewire Claim Center.
    1. Usage and Best Practices of writing web services.
    2. Best practices for entities definition and implementing UI Changes.
  9. Implementing Integration Messaging with third party applications
    1. Like Integration with Financial Institution i.e. Banks
    2. With third party apps to import claims.
  10. Writing and Configuring Batch Processes and ways to automate it to run a certain business hour for every Insurers.


Guidewire Claim Center is one of the finest SkillSet for people working or looking to work with an Insurance domain company. And we at Guidewire Online Training offer the BEST in the industry training with complete hands on. We don’t guarantee Job after the training but it certainly will increase the odds if someone is determined to work with this highly paid software tool. Reach out to us for any training requirement on Guidewire Claim Center Training.

Happy Learning !!!

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