How To Get Over A Break-Up In 10 Easy Steps

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Some relationships aren’t meant to last forever. Luckily, break-ups aren’t either. The process of getting over an ex may be difficult, but it’s not impossible. 


Here are five tips to help you combat a case of the break-up blues:

  1. Hang Out With Friends

Surrounding yourself with fruitful friendships is the best way to de-transition out of a romantic period. Relationships require us to spend A LOT of time with our partners, so the process of exiting that routine can be jarring. Luckily, you can avoid loneliness by making plans with your friends. They don’t need to be elaborate or centered around fun. Cooking dinner, going to the grocery store, or hanging out at home are all great activities for you and your friends to bond over, free of any overwhelming break-up feelings. 

  1. Explore New Hobbies

Break-ups are the perfect time to embrace your independence. Take advantage of your free time by exploring new hobbies. Pick up that cookbook you got last Christmas or join your local book club. Getting out of your comfort zone will allow you to find new activities to help keep your mind off the heartbreak. Not to mention, it might even help you meet new people… perhaps, a new significant other. 

  1. Get The Juices Flowing

One way to combat the break-up blues is through exercise. Being active triggers the release of endorphins, dramatically improving your mental and physical health. Anything from a marathon to a solo dance party in your kitchen will make the biggest difference. 

  1. Treat Yo Self

Break-ups are tough. They can literally take a toll on our health. This is why it is important to nourish yourself in every way you can. Practice healthy eating habits, focus on your career, remove any stressors, keep your environment tidy, and take a day off when needed. Filling your life up with positive activities will not only speed up the healing process but also keep your mind off your ex. 

  1. Talk It Out

You are more than capable of overcoming every battle that comes your way, but sometimes we’re unable to build our own armor. If you’re struggling with a break-up for a long period, it might be worth it to seek professional help. Nowadays, there are a plethora of accessible resources available. Ranging from face-to-face therapy to mobile app counseling

  1. Don’t think about your Ex or the broke relationship

This is easier said than done once you’ve lived together, but try your best to get rid of or get rid of any used items or items that remind you of them. You don’t have to throw anything away just yet, but take a plastic tub and put in whatever your ex gave you and all the pictures of you both,  says Anita Stodmier, a licensed therapist and dating coach. 

  1. Don’t Blame anything & anyone

It’s easy to hold your ex in charge of everything, but according to Tessina, if you do, you’ll end up putting the blame on yourself. So instead of expressing guilt, try to find more neutral things, like “we see things differently” or “we had a good few years and then things change,” she advises. And if your ex leaves you for someone else, don’t blame that person either.

  1. Focus on your life

We only have so much time and energy, and instead of wasting it on your ex, we are working to restore your life. “Drama is not practical,” said Tessina, “it’s a negative fantasy. Focus on the practical things you need to do and think about.” Part of it is getting to your emotional, personal, and financial life as quickly as possible. possible to collect. And think about the opportunities, Tessia advises – think about all the things you have time for right now, and do some of them. Try things that you have never done before or that you have always wanted to do. Take advantage of your anger and sadness energy and instruct them to do things just for you,  he added.

  1. Go Somewhere out  for a trip

Advice with friends is fun, of course, but Stoudmire offers to travel alone to places you’ve never been before. When you find yourself in a new place, your brain is forced to hold back any emotions and feelings you felt about your breakup because it needs new information about your environment, he explained. Your brain needs to know how to get to where you are going, and where you will eat and sleep when you get there. Besides, it won’t cause nostalgia because you’ve never been there and nothing will remind you of it. your ex.

  1. Be Positive & Find Happiness in Small Things

You are the only one who knows what fills you up. Follow your heart & do whatever that makes you feel happy  & blessed. Just be smart, and have a strong focus on what you are doing.

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