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Lockdown 4.0: Ways To Turn Your House Into a Perfect Lockdown Home

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Lockdown might be hard to resist as we cannot move outside or even cannot meet with others. However, it is an excellent time to work on the skills that you wanted to polish or merely turning your home into a perfect lockdown home so that you can enjoy this period without cribbing. Here we have listed some of the ideas that will help you to turn your house into a perfect lockdown home.


1. Gardening in Lockdown

To make your home turn into a lockdown home, start with gardening. Nothing could be therapeutic than gardening. If you have a big garden, you would have lots of things to do and would be able to spend your time doing quality gardening. However, if it’s a balcony, you can still work upon it add some essential plants like curry leaves plants, tomato, green chilies, or any other plant of your choice. These plants will not only give your home a new look. They would add some positivity as well.

2. Create a cozy corner in your home

Regardless of the fact whether you have your room or not, you can still go ahead and create a hole where you can have your me-time. For creating a cozy corner, look for the corner that is away from all the hassles and chaos. Also, it should be peaceful. You can even consider creating your cozy corner in the balcony as well, around the plants. To add some colors, look for colorful rugs, and throw some pillows for your comfort. In case you are an avid reader, you can stack your favorite books or magazines. To make it glitzy, hang fairy lights and add bright painting to the wall. 

3. Create Work Area in Your House

Since its lockdown, most of the people are doing work from home. WFH calls for an area where you can peaceful complete your official task that too on time. If you have a desk and chair, you can convert into your little cabin, or add a table and chair in the corner and create your work productive area. Ensure that area is well lighted and has an electric socket where you can charge your laptop and mobile phone. 

Add a lamp if there is no light and some. Make sure you opt for a comfortable chair since you would be sitting for long hours. Online furniture stores like Hometown are currently open, and you can pick an ideal chair from the store. Do not forget to use Hometown coupons to get a maximum discount on your purchase.

4. Try your Hands on a Home Wall Painting

In case you like the painting, you can go ahead and start painting on the canvas that has been waiting for you for a long. Or you can paint an old wall. Add Bright colors to the wall by refreshing your mood instantly; in a way, it would increase your concentration power. In the beginning, you would have to be patient and make sure your hand is sturdy. You can start with a little corner, and once you get your hands on the painting, you can paint the large chunk of the wall. You can even consider painting your furniture. 

5. Home Bookcase Makeover 

home bookcase makeover image

Since you now have time in hand, you can give a makeover to your bookcase or at least clean and arrange your books in the best possible way. Gather all the books and spread them on the floor, remove dust from them, and organize them according to your reading preference. Once that is not in use, or you have read thoroughly, can stack on one side, and later you can donate the same. Wipe down the shelf and place a newspaper or shelf paper and then arrange the books. For a quick change, you can even color coordinate your books.

6. Rearrange your furniture in Lockdown

Since now you would be at home for a long time at least till the lockdown is lifted, there are chances that you might get bored by seeing the same furniture that too at the same place and same position. Though you cannot change your furniture, you can surely rearrange it give it a new look. You can even work around the space to create your small gym or workplace where you can exercise and keep yourself fit. You can even change cushion covers and sofa covers to give it a new look. Also, you can free some areas so that you can clean the space without tripping over.

7. Deep Clean your Home

deep clean home image

Since now you have plenty of time cleaning your home is the best option to clean your house. Usually, we tend to clean our homes on specific occasions like Diwali, but this time, you can clean your home before Diwali or any other special occasion. Though cleaning a house is a daunting task, but you do not have to worry clean each area or space one by one. Start with your pantry first, then move to the closet and make then clean other corners.

8. Set up a home spa

After deep cleaning your house, you would need some time for yourself and what could be best than a home spa. Make yourself comfortable at your favorite corner. You can even create your little spa area, where you can place your favorite face masks or simply soak your feet in the bucket with warm water. Relax with a cup of herbal tea. While sipping the tea, you can file your nails or put nail paint. You can even put a mask on the face and have a good time. Take some time to look after yourself.

9. Try your Hands-on Cooking

This is an excellent time to try your hands on different cuisines. Take some time to develop your cooking skills. You can take help from the various YouTube channels. You can follow the channels, you will get plenty of inspiration from online. You can start by preparing meals for the day. Let’s say if you wanted lean how to bake pudding. 

You can prepare a dessert for breakfast or evening snacks. Look for the different variants and settle down for the one that you find easy to make. Post that you can set-up a table lit a candle and enjoy the same dish with your partner or loved ones.

10. Switch out the Textiles and Bedding 

Rearranging your home does not go for only the living room; you can even rearrange your bedroom. If possible, you can change the setting of the bed and place it in another convenient direction. Or, you can simply work around rugs, curtains, and bed sheets. A slight change in terms of décor will make a significant change in the long run. You can change your current bed sheets with the bright colored bed sheet. Throw some cushions on the bed and sitting area and add a matching rug. It will take instantly give your room a new personality. In addition to this you, can even DIY some décor items and place them the way you want. 

11. Add Some Plants Indoors

While we initially suggested working on your gardening skills, however, once you have set your garden, you can extend the greenery to indoors as well. 

In this time, when it is worth isolating with others, you can go close to nature. It will heal you from inside out. Place small plants in your bedroom, living, kitchen, and other areas. 

However, do add plants in a bunty; otherwise, it would not look nice. Consider small and indoor plants that are easy on maintenance. Make sure these plants are insect replants so that they do not invite insects inside the home. Another thing you should have to do is put plates beneath the pot so that the mud or water does not spill all around.

12. Plan for a Kitchen Makeover

Giving a makeover to your kitchen is also a beautiful idea. However, you would not be able to do much during the lockdown due to a lack of resources, but you can take help from the furniture-oriented stores that are functional now. Or else you can jot down all your ideas along with the change in the interior you want. 

Additionally, you can take ideas from online. Once you are ready with all the primary changes that you want in your kitchen, work on the budget. It is of sole importance. Once you know how much money you can put on the makeover of your kitchen accordingly, you would be able to work.


The entire world is suffering from the pandemic. To get rid of it, the only solution is to maintain isolation with others and follow hygienic practices. To follow this, most of the people are at home and have much time in hand. What could be best than changing your house into the lockdown friendly home?

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