Seven Unusual Flowers that you should not give as Birthday or Anniversary Flowers

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Flowers as a birthday gift are the best thing to choose. They go with every occasion and, for every event we celebrate, there is a particular flower for it. But do you know that certain flowers are not recommended as gifts for anyone on any occasion? Yes, here is a list of flowers that you should never choose to give on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


Let’s explore these flowers in detail so that next time you’ll be wiser while choosing flower bouquets for your friends and family on a happy occasion.

  • Sea Poison Tree (Barringtonia Asiatica)

This flower is known for attracting bats and other moths because of its sticky sweet smell. This flower resembles cheerleader’s pom-pom and is found on the coasts of the Pacific and Indian oceans.

  • Pitcher Plant (Nepenthe’s Spectabilis X Ventricosa)

Also known as monkey’s cup, the sweet sap of this plant is quite dangerous for small birds. In fact, if any insect or small bird tries to get closer to this plant, get captured in it. And after some time, the plant dissolves that dead creature in itself. Scary, isn’t it?

  • Bat Face Cuphea (Cuphea Llavea)

As the name suggests, this flower looks like a bat; the only difference is- this flower is colorful. A local flower of Mexico city, this flower has a purple face and black lobes that exactly looks like a fierce bat. This flower can make a perfect garden flower but is not one of the correct birthday flowers to choose, due to its design.

  • Snake’s Head Fritillary

Another one in the unusual list of flowers is this one. This flower has petals that look like snakeskin—known with various names like chess-flower, guinea flower, leper lily, etc. The design on the leaves of this flower makes it less appealing in a flower arrangement, especially as a gift.

  • Snap Dragon and Its Skull-

Famously known as Dragon Flower, this flower is a resemblance of a dragon’s head. If you try and squeeze these flowers, you will notice that it looks like a dragon is opening and then closing its mouth. When this flower dies, it leaves a seedpod behind that looks similar to a skull.

  • Common Sun dew (Round-leaved Sun dew)

Unlike other colorful and scented flowers, Common Sundew has sticky hair in place of petals. The stickiness of this flower attracts insects that make it an unpleasant choice of flower in a bouquet.

  • Corpse Flower (Rafflesia Arnoldii)

The smell of Corpse flowers is like rotten flesh. This bloom can grow up to three feet and has no visible leaves or stems. This flower is a native of Southeast Asian islands- Borneo and Sumatra, and there it grows up to one thousand meters above sea level!

So yes, this was it for the list of unusual flowers with strange shapes and designs. Considering them to make part of your sweet-scented flower bouquet can go wrong. So, choose flowers that you are familiar with and that you think will leave the receiver in awe.

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