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Several websites offer multiple options to convert one file into another. However, a Text image is still one of the high demanding tools that a number of the people are looking for, but they don’t find any such device. In this way, our Text to image converter provides some useful options to convert the given Text into a high-quality image that can be used to share it anywhere. The following are the few features that the tool offers. 


Key Features:

Our Text image converter carries a variety of options to give you the maximum possibilities while converting your Text into an image.

  • It offers ten different font options to write your Text in, including Georgia, Times New Roman, Arial, Comic Sans MS, and more. You can choose the font of your choice while writing Text.
  • You can adjust text line height according to your requirement and give Normal or Bold Font Weight to your Text.
  • By adjusting the Background Color, you can add an aesthetic taste to your image.
  • Like MS Word, our tool provides you with options to increase or decrease the Font Size and adjust the Border Spacing according to your will.
  • Moreover, you can adjust Text Alignment from Left to Center to Right. Also, you have the option to choose any Text Color you want.

In short, our tool is highly compatible, considering the full range of features it includes. You can use all these features to do the perfect formatting of your Text before you tend to convert it into an image.

Why Use Text to Image Converter?

There are several ways you can use the Text image as most of the companies prefer to share their necessary information in the form of illustration rather than Text. If you are a company owner, you can easily use this tool to convert different mandatory text files into an image to make them quickly visible and easy to research. These texts may include your company’s address, contact number, email, and other such necessary information.

Even for individuals, our Text to image converter is equally useful. It is not easy to always remember and type your contact number, bank account number, email address, and other such credentials. In this way, you can save your precious time by quickly transforming such texts into an image and send to the relevant people whenever you need it.

Since the tool works online, you don’t have to install its software on your laptop or computer. You can easily browse here to add the information and convert it into an image, designed according to your choice. 


Lastly, we must say that our tool provides one of the best ways to transform information into an image, as it offers the maximum number of options while converting files. This variety of options means that you have perfectly designed and beautiful photos that contain your essential information. Moreover, the time you save while sharing such information by sending an image rather than typing the whole Text is an added benefit of the Text Image tool. Therefore, our tool stands tall among its competitors.

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