Golf Guide – 5 Tips to Help you Buy the Right Golf Mowers

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Keeping up 30 hectares of land with the correct length of rich green turf isn’t a cakewalk. You need long sessions of understanding the advanced equipment and assets explicitly implied for expert use. The most significant gear in your fairway armada is a mower. Golf mowers are different from the ones you find in the network parks. They are multi-practical and all the more impressive. Cutting of grass at various angles in different zones is a task of accuracy. In case you are using a substandard quality mower, there will be no flawlessness in cutting and even the roots may likewise harm.


Branded mowers like Jacobsen golf course mowers are costly so there must be some significant factors to consider while buying them. For your benefit, here are five tips to help you buy the right golf mowers for your needs:

Things to Look For in a Mower:

1. Efficiency

An 18 opening fairway will have right around 70 hectares of land out of which 30 hectares is looked after turf. So to keep up such a wide landmass, you need incredible golf course equipment that works quicker while keeping up the accuracy of cutting. Check the motor limit and cooling procedure. It is crucial to consider a multi-brand store where you can discover models of various efficiencies and brands. They can help in recommending the correct hardware as indicated by your spending plan and necessity.

2. Blade Compatibility

The most significant part of golf mowers is their blade. If the blades are not made with exactness, they will uncover the turf. If you are buying offline, request them to show a demo from cutting prior to purchasing. Work it without anyone else helping to ensure that the blades are cutting exactly in all settings. For example, attempt to run your reel mower at its most reduced setting of the tees to affirm that it isn’t harming the roots. If you are buying online, make sure the seller has shared a detailed description of the blades.

3. Convenience

Work the mower physically to check the simplicity of tackling controls. Remember one thing that you need to drive a mower for around 1-2 hours consistently. Some of the time, the activity may be executed in the daytime under hot climatic conditions. Accordingly, verify the comfort level of seats and the shade. A decent mower should come with a cool top shade to help you work comfortably during hot climates or rain.

4. Expansion

Purchasing golf mowers is a one-time venture. While settling on your choice in regards to the determination, ensure that the mower is fit for dealing with various edges one after another. The most remarkable mowers can work five reels one after another every way. You can link or separate any expansion as needed for a specific region. The alternatives of single and three expansions are additionally accessible. Branded options like Jacobsen golf course mowers offer you decent options in expansion.

5. Post-purchase Service

When you are putting resources into costly golf course mowers, ensure they offer post-sale service in your area. Check the nearest service center where you can get replacement parts and servicing whenever needed.

Follow these tips while buying your golf mowers and we are sure you will end up with the right choice of product.

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