MilesWeb VPS vs. A2 Hosting VPS: Which VPS Hosting Provider Is Best?

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Starting your own business gives immense happiness as you leave your job and become your own boss. Prior to some time you were working under someone and today, there are people working under you. Really wonderful! 


You have already built an online presence for your business and now your business is managed online. You are gaining good traffic and leads from your website. Your business is just growing, crossing the limits that you had set at the start.

One day, you get a call from your visitor that your website is unable to load. Now, you get a bit tensed and call your hosting provider to check-in for the problem. The hosting provider tells you that you will need to upgrade your plan as your website is getting loaded with traffic and so falling short of resources.

This is where VPS hosting comes into the spotlight and you take a decision to upgrade to VPS. With VPS, you get a virtual server environment and though you share the same server, the resources are allotted separately to all users. VPS hosting comes with Linux VPS and Windows VPS. So, you can select as per your hosting requirements. This means other users don’t interfere on your website, keeping it secure.

Let’s now check the comparison of two of the best managed VPS hosting providers – MilesWeb vs. A2 Hosting.

What is Virtual Private Server? Explained in Detail | MilesWeb

VPS Introduction



Established their roots in 2012, MilesWeb took no time to spread their wings in other countries. Being popular in the web hosting industry for their high performance web hosting and best customer service, they today stand between the leaders of web hosting such as HostGator, BlueHost, etc. You will find all types of web hosting services with them right from the basic shared hosting to scalable cloud hosting. 

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is popular for its “high powered hosting” claiming speed and reliability as their top priority. A2Hosting named their SSDs as “Turbo servers”, as per their information it has ability to load pages up to 20 times faster as compared to traditional servers. This company was established in 2003 at Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Plans and Pricing


Coming to their VPS hosting, they offer six types of VPS hosting plans from V1 to V6. With their V1 plan you get 2vCPU, 2GB RAM, 50GB SSD space, 200GB bandwidth, free SSL Certificate and the price is $9/mo. For those who need more resources can go for their V6 plan that comprises of 12vCPU, 24GB RAM, 300GB SSD space, 700GB bandwidth and free SSL Certificate at the cost of $86/mo.

You can check their other plans as below:

MilesWeb VPS.png
Cloud VPS hosting In India

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers only three VPS hosting plans. VPS plans start from Power+ at $25.00/mo and comprises of 4GB RAM, 75GB data storage, 2TB bandwidth, 4 cores and free SSL Certificate. Their next plan is Prestige+ at $35.00/mo and comprises of 6GB RAM, 100GB storage, 3TB bandwidth, 6 cores and free SSL Certificate. The last plan Pinnacle+ at $50.00/mo comprises of 8GB RAM, 150GB storage, 4TB bandwidth, 8 cores and free SSL Certificate.

You can check their other plans as below:

A2Hosting VPS.png
VPS Plans In India


You get the below features with MilesWeb’s managed VPS hosting:

Solid-State Drives


The SSD drives offer better performance and reliability as compared to HDDs. Using of flash technology helps to improve your page loading speed of a website.

A2 Hosting

They also offer SSDs to offer the biggest speed boost possible for your complete website.  

Free VPS Management


Their team takes complete responsibility of managing your VPS server without any extra charges.

A2 Hosting

Even they offer managed VPS hosting and take the complete responsibility of managing your server.

SSH and Root Access


You can have complete control over your VPS server environment with the full root access with their VPS hosting plans.

A2 Hosting

You get SSH and root access with their managed VPS hosting which enables you to edit, install and configure all of the files on your server along with system-critical files.

Resource Monitoring Control Desk


The resources monitoring of their web hosting environment is easy because of their dashboard and so, using this customer can easily reboot their VPS, check memory usage and server load, also help to manage and configurations of your VPS server.

A2 Hosting

You a cPanel control panel with A2 Hosting VPS with which you can manage your software, domains, databases and emails. 

Choice of Control Panel


You get a chance to select your choice of control panel from cPanel and Plesk.

A2 Hosting

They offer only cPanel control panel with their VPS hosting plans.

Choice of OS


You can select your choice of operating system from CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and Suse.

A2 Hosting

They haven’t mentioned anything about choice of operating system on their website and so you don’t have a change to select your favorite OS.

Multiple Domain Hosting


With their VPS hosting environment, you can easily host and manage multiple sites from single account.

A2 Hosting

You can host unlimited domains, sub-domains, parked domains and addon domains under your VPS account.

Instant Provisioning 


Your VPS hosting account is ready immediately after your payment confirmation. 

A2 Hosting

They do setup your account but might take some time unlike MilesWeb.

No Setup Fee 


You don’t need to pay for the VPS account setup. Just pay for the plan your select and your account will be setup without any extra charges.

A2 Hosting

Even they don’t charge for setting up of your VPS account.

Robust Framework 


VPS hosting environment of MilesWeb is build in collaboration with leading players of hosting industry Cisco, Dell, HP and Supermicro. These players are able to give best uptime and stability.

A2 Hosting

Their Turbo Servers help them to offer high-speed performance and stability.

Free Migration

Both MilesWeb and A2 Hosting offer free migration to their servers from your existing VPS server.



They offer 99.95% uptime.

A2 Hosting

They offer 99.9% uptime.


After reading this article now, you can see that both hosting providers have their own pros and cons. But with MilesWeb you get more benefits and plans to select at an affordable pricing. Additionally, their uptime is a bit high as compared to A2 Hosting provider.

Choice of OS and control panels too keeps them ahead of A2 Hosting. So, just host your website on MilesWeb VPS servers(Best Hosting Provider) and focus on boosting your business.

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