Who Is the Cheapest Credit Card Processing Company?

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Credit card processing is now an important part of every business operation. But it’s also no secret that working with a credit card processing company is not the cheapest. 


The good news, however, is that some companies are cheaper than others and these are some of our top picks in terms of value and efficiency:


Highly recommended for e-commerce and card-not-present merchants, Fattmerchant is essentially a credit card processing company that’s most popular for its subscription pricing model, which allows you to save a lot of money. 

In this type of payment structure, you’ll only pay a per-transaction fee between $0.06 and $0.15 and a monthly fee of $99. If you’re thinking that the monthly fee is a little expensive, Fattmerchant offers a 0% markup, which means that you can save more than enough money from standard interchange fees to pay for your monthly fee.

Check them out here.

Payment Depot

Located in Orange, California, Payment Depot is a popular credit card processing company that’s been in business since 2013 offering subscription and membership-based pricing. 

But more than its flexible plans, the company is famous for its honest and open sales practices and excellent customer support, which businesses highly appreciate. 

Payment Depot uses a payment model that combines all the standard recurring fees into a single subscription fee that costs between $49 and $199 per month depending on your choice of plan. 

Instead of paying a lot of fees and extra charges, Payment Depot allows you to save money by lowering your processing rates and completely eliminating markups. 

Check them out here.

FirstCard Payments

FirstCard Payments, a high risk merchant account processor based out of Downtown Miami, but serving the entire U.S. has undercut competition since the beginning. 

The firm seems able to beat any competitor price on credit card processing fees and it could be simply because they run a lean ship. Each account manager becomes entrenched in the customer experience and works hard to ensure that the lower prices offered, are met with high end customer service.

Check them out here.

Square Payments

Square Payments is a very popular app-based payment processing system that’s a huge hit for small businesses. With its model, Square Payments offers opportunities for small merchants to accept credit card payments even if they couldn’t afford to get a merchant account just yet. 

Square uses a low-priced card reader that utilizes a smartphone-based system that’s a lot cheaper than the traditional credit card terminal. Its Contactless and Chip Readier costs only $49 and it can support both EMV and NFC-based payment methods.

Check them out here.

National Processing

If you are a small business that doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on payment processing but still want to enjoy the benefits of a full-service merchant account, National Processing is the perfect option for you. 

The company is popular among a lot of businesses because of its low interchange-plus rates depending on the nature of your business and the plan that you choose to sign up for.

Check them out here.

Payline Data

Finally, there’s Payline Data that’s the most versatile in terms of covering everything that involves business transactions—from online and mobile payments to in-store sales. 

This company is popular for offering very simple pricing plans that are especially beneficial for low-volume sellers and its website has clear explanations on all the extra features that you can get when you sign up for a plan with them. 

Whatever credit card processing company you choose, remember to consider your needs and your budget first. 

Check them out here.

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